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The Traditional Shar-Pei: Breed Overview


There is no direct evidence that the Chinese Shar-Pei as we know it today is an ancient breed. There is much evidence to support the theory that dog breeders in Hong Kong developed the breed in the 1960s by cross-breeding the Chinese fighting dog with several breeds including the Boxer, Bloodhound, Bulldog and possibly others. Check out the following documents:

Shar Pei Breed Review: Contents

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    To understand this breed seriously we need to start at the beginning.

    Shar Pei Personality Traits ★

    The Shar Pei’s temperament is similar to that of other dogs within the breed family. Like the Chow Chow and Shina Ibu, the Shar Pei is often described as independent, aloof, intelligent and serious. This is true, but it is not the whole picture.

    They can also be incredibly loyal to their family. They can be affectionate and attentive to the people they love and prefer to be in the same room as their beloved owners. In fact, be prepared for a lot of gentle «look at me» when your Shar Pei wants something from you.

    A non-killing breed

    After the Chinese Revolution and the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Shar Pei became increasingly rare. In fact, in the 1970s, the Shar Pei was one of the rarest dog breeds in the world. It’s still not nearly as popular as it once was, but it saw a resurgence in popularity in the 1980s thanks to breeders in Hong Kong and Taiwan. In fact, one particular Hong Kong man named Matgo Law of Down-Home Kennels may be responsible for the breed’s survival.

    Unfortunately, the following revival of the breed’s popularity, combined with irresponsible breeding practices, led to various health problems. With fewer breeders today, they can eliminate such problems from the breed as well as preserve its loving, loyal temperament.

    Wrinkled Wonder

    This interesting dog has a number of characteristics that make him unique in the dog world. Of course, the famous Shar Pei wrinkles immediately come to mind. While these wonderful wrinkles may be the first thing that attracts prospective owners to the breed, the wrinkles only persist during puppyhood and then begin to fade.

    Shar Pei, while it was under reconstruction, became known for its suspicious and aggressive temperament, but with careful and responsible breeding, this problem has largely been solved. It’s rare to encounter a nasty Shar Pei these days, but puppy seekers should ask to meet both parents, and as many other related dogs as possible, to ascertain their temperament. The Shar Pei should be a calm, even-tempered, well-behaved, friendly dog ​​with humans, but may retain some dislike of other dogs and a tendency towards stubbornness. The rather loose, wrinkled skin should have a hard, brushy, short coat to protect it. It comes in solid colors only black, red and light or dark shades of fawn or cream. His adult height is between 46-51cm at the shoulder and weight 18-25kg. Shar Pei is a good house dog and guard dog.