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What Can I Feed My Pomeranian?

Ollie prepares fresh meals and delivers them to your door (Photo: Ollie)

So you’re thinking of doing the transition to a dog food delivery business, but you want to know a little more about the key details.


One of the most popular foods at my house is shrimp! Not one person in my family is against me cooking, including our Pomeranians. Well, shrimp is a healthy human food for Pomeranians for many reasons.

Shrimp are rich in antioxidants, contain a good amount of vitamin B-12 and a healthy dose of phosphorus. The only important thing not to do is to remove all the shells from the shrimp, including the tail, head and legs, as the Pomeranian can choke on them.

The dog food craze and the dangers of many foods for your Pomeranian

Pet food has become incredibly popular in the pet food industry in recent years , but the concept is not something new. For hundreds of years, many dog ​​owners have dropped human remains of some kind into their dog’s food bowl.

While this usually works, it also exposes your dog to salt and unnecessary ingredients that humans have no problem processing, but a dog’s body wasn’t designed for.

What kind of human food can Pomeranians eat?

Whenever you have to ask this question, pay attention to the answer because, in many cases, it is okay to give your Pomeranian human food as long as you prepare it in a certain way, or exclude one or more ingredients. Using oatmeal as an example, it’s fine to eat BUT not raw oatmeal. Your oats must be cooked and then they are safe to eat.

Asking what human food Pomeranians can eat is important for meat because, as mentioned earlier, most meat is fine as long as it’s lean, thoroughly cooked, and so on.

What is the best food for Pomeranian dogs and Pomeranian puppies?

Pomeranians are part of the toy breed family – and much like the other breeds in this group, like Yorkies and Chihuahuas, they tend to have big personalities for these little dogs. Although their small stature doesn’t require as much food as a larger breed does, they are alert and quite active. You can support your fun lifestyle with high-quality, nutrient-packed foods.