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What does a shaved German Shepherd look like?

Well, they are not called «German Shedders» for nothing. Grooming your German Shepherd properly will minimize the amount of dog hair that gets left lying around the house like tumbleweed.

If it’s hot and humid in your area, you may need to shave your German Shepherd.

Shaved German Shepherd: Why You Should Never Shave Them

Experts recommend dog parents not to shave their German Shepherd, but the most frequently asked question is why they shouldn’t. So there are a few reasons that will clarify why you shouldn’t get a German Shepherd.

The presence of a double coat is beneficial for dogs to keep them warm in winter and also cool in summer. So to shave means to lose all kinds of protections that can negatively affect your health.

What happens if I shave my German Shepherd?

Know the risks of shaving your GSD.

While many people think that shaving their German Shepherd is the easiest grooming option, there are risks associated with this.

Grooming practices for your German Shepherd

The fur of your German Shepherd is his pride and glory and maintaining his condition of health should not be difficult. Instead of choosing to shave your pet’s fur, here are six grooming tips you can use instead:1. German Shepherds have double coats, which means they shed a lot. It’s important to include daily brushing in your routine to lessen the shedding factor. You can use a de-shedder comb to help maintain your dog’s fur.2. There are many natural oils that are alive in your German Shepherd’s coat, so it’s best not to remove it by getting too wet. If you want a healthy coat, only bathe your German Shepherd once every four to five months to keep the natural oil in and prevent it from drying out. Take note of your German Shepherd’s shedding cycle. They change their coats twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. When this happens, be sure to brush and bathe frequently to combat your pet’s shedding factor. German Shepherds also need to take care of their nails. They tend to have black and shorter nails, so be extra careful when trimming them as their nails are hard to see. It is advisable to trim his nails every now and then or when you feel his paws scratching on the floor. Aside from the nails, you should also check your German Shepherd’s ear regularly. They have high, upright, deep-set ears as opposed to the floppy ears of most dogs and, for this reason, are more open to earwax buildup. Ears should be cleaned when necessary to avoid excess wax and debris that can cause ear infections.6. It’s also important to check your German Shepherd’s paw regularly for foreign objects, scratches or brushes. They are confident dogs and their pride can sometimes hide them from telling you something is wrong. Sometimes, the salt from the snow during the winter can hurt their paws, so it’s best to check it from time to time.

1. How often should your German Shepherd be bathed?German Shepherds shouldn’t be bathed too much. They have a double layer which helps them fight off mud, dirt, dust and all kinds of bacteria. A bath is only necessary once every four to five months or if your dog is very, very dirty or has rolled in the trash again. If I can’t shave my German Shepherd how can I help him cool down during the summer? There are many ways to keep your German Shepherd cool during the summer and it doesn’t involve any shaving! First and foremost, your pet already has a double coat which gives him good protection from the heat, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything else you can add to help you, you always need to keep your German Shepherd well protected. If he’s out playing in the garden, make sure he has a shady space to rest. Never keep him too long out in the sun or locked up in a cage where he gets direct sunlight. You should always provide fresh, fresh water in his bowl, refilling it each time he empties. If you have a pool, letting him swim in it is highly encouraged. Aside from the fact that this will keep him exercising, it’s also a fun way to cool off and beat the summer heat. You can also try offering him frozen treats after playtime, or choose to exercise early in the morning or in the evening to avoid the glaring heat of the sun.

Ruined texture and style

If you shave your dog’s fur, there is a distinct possibility that the lighter outer hairs may not fully return to their original length.

As a result, the texture and style of your German Shepherd’s coat will often look different.