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What is a German Shepherd called?

Meet Willow who is not yet 1 year old. Still everything but the microchip. She has been in the same house since she was a puppy and now she is being moved in because she injured the resident Pug, however she had just been sick and she also just had a season. She lives with older children but she needs more work with other dogs and is a no cat. This is what our volunteer had to say about her:

“Well, what can I say about Willow! She is absolutely gorgeous. When I first knocked on the door she was very vocal and upon entering the house she jumped on me a couple of times. I ignored her for a minute and she calmed down immediately. Willow very quickly started giving me her toys and some kisses and cuddles were thrown as well. I was able to get toys from Willow with no problems.

German Dog Names

Since you’re adopting a German Shepherd, why not dig into your German language dictionary and see if you can find inspiring words to name your dog. Here are some ideas and their English translation:

  • Alder – eagle
  • Aldo – old or wise
  • Alger – noble or brilliant
  • Alfred – adviser
  • Arnold – power of the eagle
  • Arvin – friend of all
  • August – exalted and revered
  • Axel – peaceful
  • Bernard – brave as a bear
  • Bismark – famous German statesman
  • Cayden – battle spirit
  • Clovis – famous warrior
  • Damian – the fighter
  • ) )

  • Dieter – ruler of the people
  • Donner – thunder
  • Duxi – warrior of the people
  • Emmett – industrious
  • Ellard – noble or brave
  • Felix – lucky
  • Ferdina ndo – adventurous us and brave
  • Franz – free
  • Frederick – peaceful ruler
  • Frido – mighty
  • Garin – warrior
  • Gunther – warrior
  • Hamlin – one who loves his home
  • Harbin – shining little fighter
  • Helmar – famous protector
  • Hendrik – housekeeper
  • Hugo – wise man
  • Jaeger – hunter
  • Keene – bold or sharp
  • Klaus – the victory of the people
  • Leopold – a bold leader
  • ) ) Luther – warrior
  • Manfred – man of peace
  • Max – the greatest
  • Meyer – bringer of light
  • Milo – beloved
  • ) Mozart – the famous German composer (tixag b_14)
  • Norbett – hero
  • Otto – prosperous or rich
  • Ozzy – divine spear
  • Prinz – prince
  • Rainer – warrior
  • Ritter – knight
  • Rowland – famous in the country
  • Schatzi – treasure
  • Sigrid – good victory
  • Theobold – the boldest
  • Tobias – God is good
  • Ugo – mind, heart and spirit
  • Verner – army in defense
  • Waldo – ruler
  • Wilfred – resolute peacemaker
  • Wolfgang – journey of the wolf
  • Zelig – blessed
  • Zenzi – to sprout, grow or prosper

German shepherd names for work

Are you going to put your GSD to work?

Do you like a strong name? Maybe you plan to train your pup as a working dog? If so, these powerful names are for you!

German Shepherd Puppy Names

Remember that your German Shepherd puppy will grow up to be an adult German Shepherd, so try to make sure that whatever you intend to call him as a puppy he or she will still fit when he or she is an adult. Remember if you are getting an imported puppy your name will be more limited however you can be very creative with your puppy’s name and also his real name can be different than his call name. For example, if your litter starts with the letter «Q» but you wanted to call your German Shepherd «Princess» instead of saying «Queenie», you could put Queenie on your registration papers but name her Princess! You could also simply call her the Queen’s «Princess». Have fun and naming your German Shepherd puppy will be easy.

There are some very famous German Shepherd names that you might recognize like ‘Rin Tin Tin’ and ‘Strongheart’ from the movies. How about other famous dog names like Lassie? Do you remember Benji? There are also many famous German Shepherd dog names from Sieger show winners.