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What is the best dog brush for an Australian Shepherd?

Aussies have coats that can be assisted by just about every type of brush you’ll find available online; This is what they are and why they are useful.

  • Undercoat Rake – An undercoat rake is an incredibly important tool for double-coated dogs like Australians. It usually comes equipped with 1 or 2 rows of stout, wide teeth that penetrate the top layer of the coat to reach the undercoat. This section of the coat is primarily responsible for shedding, so thinning it down is important for dogs that shed a lot.
  • Shedding Brush — As the name suggests, this is another important shedding tool. These brushes often have fine metal teeth that sift through a dog’s coat and pick up loose fur. Some variations are made of rubber or silicone and have wider, blunt teeth that grip the fur.
  • Slicker Brush — Unlike the first two types of brushes, Slicker brushes have broad heads filled with fine wire bristles. These are particularly good for solving tangles and matting (Aussies are prone to tucking them behind their ears), but they also help with cleaning and shedding prevention.
  • Comb — Combs are a good final step to a brushing routine. The stout, even teeth will fluff up and separate the Aussie coat so these thick-coated dogs don’t look messy or heavy. Combs can also help with the little tangles and knots that can arise in the thicker parts of an Australian’s coat.
  • Needle Brush: Needle brushes are essentially human hair brushes made for dogs, so they are stronger and the needles sit further apart.

    These brushes are good for cleaning the Aussie coat, sorting out smaller blemishes and distributing natural oils throughout the coat.
  • Bristle Brush: These brushes look just like they sound: different sized heads, full of flexible bristles. They serve to add softness and shine to a dog’s coat; Properly groomed Aussies should look quite smooth and shiny due to the texture of their coat.

How much do they cost?


Most Australian Shepherd brushes cost $10-$25. In this range you can expect a good quality brush that is easy to use and comfortable for both you and your dog. Brushes at the higher end of the price range are likely to be a bit more durable and have more specialized features. Beware of brushes that are less than $10, as they may end up costing you more in the long run if you have to replace them often.

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You’ll Need a Selection of Brushes to Groom Your Australian Shepherd, since the top layer and the bottom layer have different requirements. Here’s an overview of the most important brushes for your collection.

Best Australian Shepherd Dog Brush

You’ll want to make sure your grooming tool kit includes:

  • undercoat rake
  • dusting brush
  • steel comb
  • bristle brush
  • detangling spray

What types of coats do Australian Shepherds have?

The Australian Hound is a beautiful combination of looks, brains, and work ethic.

His precious coat consists of two layers. These help provide insulation from extreme weather and protection from water and debris.