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What is the Great White Pyrenees?

Submitted by Ellie Roberts Came to AGPR on 8/11/2017 Accepted in 2022

Bones came to AGPR over 5 years ago and was afraid of his own shadow. He was afraid to reach out to pet him and was always on edge. After spending time in two different foster homes, he returned to AGPR as a changed dog. He also formed a bond with a selfish and trusting girl named Kai. Bones and Kai were like the old couple next door. They divided every now and then, but they made up for each other and their bond grew with each passing day. Kai taught Bones to have some confidence and Bones showed Kai a lot of manners and patience.


The Pyrenean coat is extremely beautiful and requires a lot of care to keep it in top shape. Shedding occurs year-round by blowing off their undercoat in the fall and spring. Establishing a weekly brushing routine is essential, but 2-3 times a week is best.

Pears’ coats are self-cleaning, so if they get muddy, simply let them dry and brush them out. Pyrs only need a few baths a year to keep their coats looking nice.

Their double coat is mostly resistant to matting, but behind the ears and underparts are subject to matting.

Farm dog

The Great Pyrenees is a mountain herding dog. During this long time, the Pyrenees formed a special relationship with the shepherd, his family and the flock.

In 1407, French publications report the usefulness of these «great dogs of the mountains» as guardians of the Chateau of Lourdes. In 1675 they were adopted as the royal dog of France by the Dauphin for the court of King Louis XIV and subsequently became highly sought after by the nobility. With a precocious sense of smell and exceptionally sharp eyesight, each dog was considered two men, whether as a guard of castles or as an invaluable companion to shepherds. While their royal adoption is interesting, the dogs’ main fame came from their ageless devotion to the mountain herds, the shepherds and the shepherd family. When not working the flocks, you would find «Patou,» as he is affectionately called, lying on the mat at the front door of the shepherds’ humble abodes.


These white, friendly babies come in all sizes and colors. Although the Great Pyrenees breed is famous for its luxurious white outer coat, there is a range of colors and different combinations of them to choose from!

Most of the dog breeds range from white to cream in color, but some tend to have markings and spots of different colors on their bodies. Some Great Pyrenees have gray, maroon, dark brown or brown markings on their tail, head, ears or other prominent body parts.