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What is the personality of an Australian Shepherd?

The Australian Shepherd is a truly unique and striking dog both in its physical appearance and in its personality. Due to the unique nature of this breed of dog, there are some quirks commonly found in Australian Shepherds. Here are ten Australian Shepherd quirks!

As we’ve mentioned before, Australians are true sheepdogs and often behave like herders as a result. These behaviors include pushing, chasing, and biting.

Male Australian Shepherds

Male Australian Shepherds are slightly larger than females. The average height of the male is around 20 to 23 inches at the shoulders and he weighs between 50 and 65 pounds. Males tend to be a bit more affectionate but are also more exuberant throughout life.

Australians are very attached to their people. They tend to be more assertive, dependable, and less moody. These dogs also tend to be a bit more food motivated. (Although both male and female Australian Shepherds love to eat!)


Puppies need to be given clear leadership and guidance from a very early age, right from the start. They must have clear limits and understand that the human being is in control of their behavior. This does not mean harshness or strictness, but that the human being must control all aspects of the puppy’s life in a way that the puppy can perceive it. Play, food, toys and access to valuable items must be carefully controlled so that the puppy clearly understands who is the leader in the household.

Most Aussies are «easy pups», and far too many Aussie owners go through the «easy pup stage» without considering the consequences.

An Aussie who hasn’t had much practice bowing to a human’s wishes doesn’t easily take direction at times when direct compliance is needed. It is advisable to train your puppy to be obedient, docile and non-argumentative during the part of his life when it is easiest…the puppy stage.

Mental stimulation

It’s not just physical activity that Australians need. These sheepdogs are natural problem solvers and also love to be challenged intellectually. Australian Shepherds are a working breed, and they thrive on learning new tasks and engaging in those tasks as often as possible. It can be difficult to keep your Australian stimulated intellectually, but a great way to do this is to get him to tackle a challenging problem that includes physical activity. You can put your Aussie to work as a guide dog, dog for the deaf, assistance dog, or even as a police dog for search and rescue.

You will spend a lot of time training your Aussie so he can learn things that will help keep him busy. He can, and should, go far beyond the basic training and tricks that most people teach their dogs. Sit, stay, turn, etc. they are great and valuable, but an Aussie can do so much more and is eager to do so.

Red Australian Shepherd

Red Australian Shepherds have an absolutely beautiful color that can range from deep red to light cinnamon brown. These pups can also be called tri red Australian Shepherds because of the white markings that give them that gorgeous face we’ve all seen.

If this is the color you’re looking for, then you can expect amber or blue eyes, which create a striking contrast to their coat.