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What should a Great Pyrenees eat?

Written by Ariele Sieling

Do you have big, sad puppy eyes staring at you as you eat your dinner? Or when you open a bag of chips while watching TV? Or when you grab a snack after a workout?

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several reasons why your Great Pyrenees refuses to eat, such as medical problems, sudden changes in diet and habits, boredom and age. Some of these are minor problems, while others are more serious.

If the refusal to eat lasts for several days and is accompanied by other negative symptoms such as lethargy, vomiting and diarrhea, call your veterinarian immediately.

Natural Weight Regulation

While there are certainly some food-obsessed Pyreneans who inhale their food, the majority of Pyreneans will manage their weight on their own. They can definitely «free feed» because they usually don’t overeat. We try to stick to feeding times to ensure consistency, but we often feed in the summer when appetites are lacking – they never clean their food bowls.

Great Pyrenees also tend to be picky eaters. Mauja and Atka will not eat just any food and can be very particular. Sometimes I’ve thought I was making their meal more appealing and they looked at me like I was crazy.

Try not to be too offended if your pyre turns to his meals sometimes ?

Obviously, Pyrs are hard workers and don’t like to relax. ? Just as it is important for YOU to eat a healthy diet, it is also important to feed your dog a healthy diet. Pet food is notoriously full of bad ingredients like artificial colors, corn, wheat and soy (common allergies in dogs) and all kinds of fillers and by-products. I am happy not to have to worry about these bad ingredients in Wellness Complete Health. I am happy to provide our dog with high quality food from a reputable company like Wellness, a pioneer in holistic nutrition.

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Slow Wink

When a cat slowly winks at you, it’s called a «kitty kiss» and it’s one of the cutest ways they can show affection. It’s often accompanied by a little meow or squeak and means your cat is comfortable around you and enjoying your company. So if your cat slowly winks at you, consider yourself loved!