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What size collar does a border collie need?

Although more popularly associated with Japan, in Japanese it means «spring» or «born in spring». In Korean, this name means ‘day’.

Border Collie Appearance

The Border Collie is a medium sized dog. They have both smooth and rough coats, although the more common Border Collie is rough-coated. The Scottish Sheepdog is not only the most intelligent dog breed, but also a charming looking breed. The Border Collie has an athletic build and slightly longer body.

Border Collies have the fluffiest feathered tails that they lovingly wrap around at the sight of their owners. It is mainly downward sloping, with its size ranging from 12 to 16 inches.

What size collar should I buy for my puppy?

One of the questions we get asked the most is «what size collar should I buy for my puppy?» In general, if we know what breed your puppy is, we can make an informed estimate of what size collar your puppy will need.

Check out our puppy collar size chart below to see which size Oscar & Hooch collar is the best fit for your new furry family member. Our recommendations are based on the average neck size and weight of each breed, which is also listed below.


The type of harness that I particularly recommend for you when it comes to your Border Collie is a harness. This type of harness has almost no effect on restricting the dog’s movements.

It is due to the construction of the harness and how you put it on.

You put a protective belt over the dog’s head. This construction means the saddle does not sit on your dog’s shoulders. Given the energetic nature of Border Collies and their love of running, this is an important consideration.

Dog Collar Size: The Two Finger Test

After you receive your collar, you always want to check that the collar fits your dog comfortably and securely. You can do this with the «two finger» test. After you secure the collar around your dog’s neck, make sure he has enough room to move. The collar should not press into your dog’s skin – that means the collar is too tight.

Place two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. The collar fits properly if it is tight. If you have to force your fingers under the collar, the collar is too tight. If there is a lot of extra space between the dog’s neck and collar, it is too loose.