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What size dog collar for Australian Shepherd?

Finding the right size collar for your Australian Shepherd can often be confusing and frustrating. It can be difficult to get a clear neck circumference of your Aussie due to the multitude of fur. Also, the size of their neck grows as they grow from pup to adult.

The most accurate way to find out your Aussie’s neck size is to measure the circumference of his neck. If you can’t measure your dog’s netting first hand, feel free to refer to the size chart below as a quick reference (we include size estimates for regular Australian Shepherds, Mini Australian Shepherds, and Toy Australian Shepherds).

How soon should I get a necklace?

Many people want to have a collar on hand to put on their puppy as soon as they arrive at their new home. It’s a good idea to get your puppy used to wearing a collar from day one. It is the law that all dogs (there are some exceptions to this) must wear an identification collar. Ideally, the sooner your pup starts wearing a collar, the faster he’ll get used to it. That means getting your pup a collar before he gets home and before he’s even had a chance to measure it!

One of the questions we get asked the most is “what size collar should I buy for my puppy?” Generally, if we know what breed your pup is, we can make an educated assessment of what size collar your pup will need.

It’s a wrapper!

Of course, before you can identify the collar size for the Australian Shepherd, you need to know what size the dog’s neck is.

But typically it would range from 16-22 inches for normal Aussies. The collar most often comes with a medal or tag with your dog’s identification, including your address and phone number, to make it easy for the finder to contact you in case your dog goes missing. Also, the collar is essential so that you can attach a leash which is crucial when you take your Australian Shepherd out. But make sure your pet gets used to the collar. Click on these links to read related articles; Learn how to care for an Australian Shepherd puppy and how to groom an Australian Shepherd.

Recommended Collars and Harnesses

Now that you know how to measure your Aussie’s neck (or want to use the Australian Shepherd Neck Sizing Chart above as an educated guess), we wanted to show you some collars popular bought online.

Remember, as the Australian puppy grows, his neck will increase in size. Be sure to check the sizing frequently to make sure the collar isn’t too small and inconvenient for your furry friend.

Collars for Adult Australian Shepherds

Here are two great collar options for an adult or senior Australian Shepherd. These collars have tens of thousands of positive reviews, they care about the comfort of their Aussie and they care about the quality of the collar.