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When does adopt me Aussie egg come out?

As we already mentioned above, Fossil Egg has 12 pets, here are their rarities and chances:

  • Ground Sloth – Common > 12.5% ​​hatch chance > 1 per 8 eggs
  • )
  • Tasmanian Tiger: Common > 12.5% ​​hatch chance > 1 in 8 eggs
  • Glyptodon: Rare > 10% hatch chance > 1 in 10 eggs
  • Stegosaurus – Rare > hatch chance 10% > 1 in 10 eggs
  • Triceratops – Rare > hatch chance 10% > 1 in 10 eggs
  • Dilophosaurus – Rare > chance of hatch 8.33% > 1 in 12 eggs
  • Pterodactyl – Rare > chance to hatch 8.33% > 1 in 12 eggs
  • Woolly Mammoth – Rare > chance to hatch 8.33% > 1 of every 12 eggs
  • Deinonychus – Very rare > chance to hatch ion 7.5% > 1 in 15 eggs
  • Sabretooth – Ultra-Rare > 7.5% hatch chance > 1 in 15 eggs (t ixagb_14)
  • Dodo: Legendary > 2.5 hatch chance % > 1 in 40 eggs
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex or T Rex: Legendary > 2.5% hatch chance > 1 in 40 eggs

The essence of it

The egg in adopt me is a yellow egg. It is about the size of a small chicken egg and has a smooth surface. The egg is round and has a small hole in the center. The egg is attached to a long, thin stalk. The stem is covered with small bumps.

When are the Australian eggs going to leave?

On the other hand, the players of Adopt Me! discuss that the Australian egg will be replaced by a new egg for a while. These discussions have been confirmed by an announcement made on July 19 on the official Adopt Me! Twitter page, and the Australian egg will no doubt be replaced by another new egg.

The name of this new egg, whose release date has not yet been announced, has been identified as the Fossil Egg by Staycation’s Adopt Me announcement video on August 20. It is known that the Fossil egg will take its place. in-game with the near future update.

Adopt Me Japanese Egg Update Release Date, Pets & More

The Japanese Egg will probably cost $750, and you can get it from the Gumball machine in the daycare once it’s sold. release in September on January 8, 2022. Trading will also be a way to get the Japan Egg in Adopt Me. it has a round yellow center and circular gray caps at the top and bottom. Small golden flowers and lines that are supposed to resemble the folds of a lantern are used to embellish the center.

There will be a total of twelve pets that players can hatch from the Japan Egg. As a result, the Japan Egg and the Fossil Egg are the two eggs that contain the most pets.

Did you know?

Pets that could hatch from the Aussie Egg include the common bandicoot, rare dingo, rare Australian kelpie and emu, ultra-rare koala and frog, and legendary turtle and kangaroo. It’s the only one of two limited eggs that a common pet can hatch, the other being the next entry on our list, the Farm Egg.

Farm Egg is the predecessor to Jungle Egg, our next entry on this list. Similarly, the egg is a limited legendary that can be purchased from the Gumball machine in the Adopt Me! daycare for $750. The egg can no longer be purchased as it was discontinued on February 29, 2020 and replaced with the Aussie Egg.