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When is my Australian Shepherd an adult?

As an old and established breed, Australian Shepherds are generally relatively standardized when it comes to size. There are, however, notable differences between men and women. Australian boys are typically 20 to 23 inches and 50 to 65 pounds, while girls are 18 to 21 inches and 40 to 55 pounds.

A recent trend in the search for smaller versions of distinctive dogs has led to the creation of a smaller version of the Australian Shepherd, which the AKC distinguishes from the Australian by calling it the Miniature American Shepherd. These cute little dogs stand from 13 to 18 inches tall and weigh from 20 to 40 pounds, but they are equal to Australian Shepherds in almost every other way.

Australian Shepherd Growth Timeline

Growth charts and timelines can be invaluable and I know many owners want to know how much their puppy should weigh at a certain age.

Side note: Although these graphs can give you a good idea of ​​where your pup «should» be, don’t panic if your pup doesn’t match. I know people who made unnecessary vet appointments simply because their pup didn’t exactly match a chart they saw online. Some puppies grow slower or faster than others, and this depends on a few factors that I explain later.

Australian Shepherd Weight Chart

Age in months Average weight of males Average weight of females Average weight of males Average weight of females 3 months25 lbs 18 lbs11 kg8 kg 4 months 32 lbs23 lbs14. 5 kg10 kg 5 months39 lbs27 lbs17.

5 kg12 kg 6 Months45 lbs 33 lbs20 kg14 kg 7 months49 lbs36 lbs22 kg16 kg 8 months53 lbs38 lbs24 kg17 kg 9 months56 lbs40 lbs25.5 kg18 kg 10 months58 lbs42 lbs26.5 kg19 kg 12 months60 lbs .5 kg19.5 kg 14 months638 lbs45 lbs .5 kg20 kg 16 months64 lbs45 lbs29 kg20 kg

Adult male Australian Shepherds will end up weighing between 51 and 64 pounds when fully grown. Your height will be between 20 and 23 inches.

Watch an Australian Shepherd Puppy Grow Up

This adorable YouTube video created by the owner shows how quickly a standard Australian Shepherd puppy can grow.

The video takes you day by day, until the puppy is eight months old. As you will see, there is quite a dramatic transformation!

Australian Shepherd Growth Chart (male)

Weight RangeHeight Range (at withers)8 weeks5 to 7 lbs3” to 5”9 weeks7 to 12 lbs5” to 8”10 weeks15 to 18 lbs7” to 11”11 weeks18 to 23 lbs9” to 12”3 months21 to 27 lbs11” to 13”4 months28 to 35 lbs12” to 14”5 months34 to 43 lbs13” to 15”6 months36 to 49 lbs15” to 17”7 months44 to 55 lbs16” to 18”8 months47 to 58 lbs17” to 19”9 months49 to 63 lbs18” to 20”10 months51 to 65 lbs19” to 21”11 months54 to 67 lbs20” to 22”1 year54 at 68 lbs20” at 23”2 years56 at 69 lbs20” at 23”

This chart details the growth cycle from puppy to adult for a standard size female Australian Shepherd.