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Where can I find a blue German shepherd?

There are no merle German Shepherds. They don’t carry the gene that makes them merle, that’s just not possible.

However, mixed breed German Shepherds can have the merle gene, depending on the dog they are mated with.

Behavior and training

Like all other German Shepherds, a blue GSD is very athletic and strong. Lots of energy requires a good amount of exercise. These dogs are intelligent, courageous, loyal and protective. They are quite independent and aloof with strangers when trained properly.

That said, private homes and landed properties are the best space when considering purchasing this animal. These dogs need lots of socialization and dedicated training. If they don’t receive it, they may express aggression and separation anxiety. You can’t even think of chaining them.

Blue German Shepherd and Alternate Colors

The American Kennel Club rated the German Shepherd as the third most popular dog breed in the United States in 2020. Blue German Shepherds are even more popular among enthusiasts because of their seemingly magical fur with a bluish-gray tinge, making them a sight to behold.

Although they are working as line dogs in every other aspect, their gorgeous coloring sets them apart and is the main reason for their popularity.

Dominant «Ay»

Depending on the breed, it produces light fawn or sable, pointed or shaded. The GSD is not fawn but may be shaded sable distinguished by a widow’s point pattern on the head.

Dogs with a dominant gene in «K» will be completely black, regardless of «A». Dominant black does not appear to occur in GSD.

So how do they still exist?

Because the dilution gene is not expressed if a dog has only one copy of it, it can be passed on silently over many generations. Occasionally in the past, two carriers were killed without their owners realizing they carried the dilution gene, and blue puppies could appear in their litters. Historically, these puppies were likely to be euthanized at birth, they were so undesirable. But their siblings would go into the world, and some of them would be silent carriers of the dilution gene.

These days people are more likely to keep dogs just for company. So their quality of the show matters less. We are also more likely to celebrate, and even reward, rare or unusual coat colors. Then unexpected blue puppies can be easily re-entered. Some breeders even choose to purposely breed blue litters.