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Where do Australians live?

Camden is one of the best neighborhoods in London to move to if you’re an Australian expat wanting to truly experience British culture. The region has long been considered one of the birthplaces of the punk movement, and today upholds this trend-setting cultural tradition with the world-famous Camden Market. It will be quite an interesting place to settle.

However, expect to pay quite a price to live in Camden. The average cost of a one-bedroom apartment is about £375 per week. However, Camden has excellent transport links and is only a few stops from the city center on the Northern Line.


Tasmania is a bit of a forgotten cousin when it comes to Australia. Some think it’s another country entirely; others simply forget to mention that it is in fact an Australian state, and one of the most beautiful. Just an hour’s flight or 14-hour ferry ride from Melbourne, Tasmania is a wild island filled with stunning scenery and smaller towns and cities. The capital, Hobart, is the smallest Australian capital, with a small population of just over 200,000. Atmospheric, bustling and packed with restaurants and art venues, Hobart is popular with visitors, if it has to be said, less popular with the permanent population. The island as a whole is experiencing an exodus of professionally-minded young and middle-aged residents, who leave to seek employment elsewhere in Australia due to a lack of local opportunities, only to return later to settle or retire.

For expats, unless you build your career around the outdoors, relocation is likely to come through industry-specific jobs or academic and scientific work, as Hobart is the outpost for Antarctic research. It is a small island in terms of population, and a good percentage of the residents are related to each other or at least know each other’s businesses. However, if you are accepted into the group and you are not a dedicated city dweller, Hobart and the surrounding area can offer some of the best Australian lifestyle.

The United States of America

Similarly, a common language and culture make the US another popular destination for Australian expatriates. The Bay Area and Silicon Valley have attracted many aspiring engineers to pursue careers in the global center of technology and innovation. They are exposed to opportunities and salaries that they could never attain in Australia.

Those with careers in finance and investment have found their dream jobs on the East Coast in the biggest cities like New York and Boston. The United States of America remains the «land of opportunity»


  • How life expectancy can vary
  • Hereditary health problems
  • Feeding and exercising

On average, Australian Shepherds only live around 9 years, although they have been reported to be as long as 15 in some rare cases. So what’s the difference between dogs that live into their teens and those that never reach double digits? It turns out that some things can play apart!

How much exercise does an Australian Shepherd need?

The amount of exercise your Aussie needs will depend on his age, but in general, a healthy adult Australian Shepherd needs at least two hours of exercise every day. An Aussie puppy generally needs 5 minutes of exercise per month of his life, and older Aussies will need to relax as they get older.

It is better to divide your exercise into two or three walks per day. It’s also a good idea to vary your walks by going to different places and incorporating different things into them, such as running, walking, swimming, and playing games of fetch.