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Where does the doberman come from?

Although no one can say they know for sure, Dobermann Pinschers are believed to have originally been bred from several pre-existing related dog breeds, such as the English Greyhound, German Pinscher, and short-coated Shepherds at the turn of the century. XVII. century.

Named after the German tax collector who first developed the breed, Louis Dobermann, the Doberman Pinscher dog was first selected by him to accompany him on his business rounds.


The Doberman Pinscher became popular in a relatively short period of time after its creation in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The breed saw another explosion in popularity towards the end of World War II after the US Marine Corps worked closely with the breed during the war effort, most notably during the Battle of Guam.

In the 1970s, the breed’s popularity soared again, and Dobermans found themselves front and center in many facets of popular culture. Dobermans were featured in popular TV shows and movies at the time. This led to an increase in Doberman ownership, especially in the United States, and they became one of the top 5 most popular dog breeds during this time.

Where do Doberman Pinschers come from?

Although the exact origin of the Doberman breed cannot be verified, it is believed that this popular breed originated in Germany in the early 1880s.

In the town of Apolda, in the state of Thuringia, lived Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann. He is credited with developing the Doberman and is the one who bears the name of the Doberman breed. Herr Doberman was born in 1834 and died in 1894, at which time the Germans named the breed Doberman Pinscher in his honor.

Is this the right dog for you?

TALL: These are energetic dogs that need daily exercise and do best with a garden.

Take your Doberman on long walks or short jogs and reinforce his training regularly.

LOW: The short coat of the Doberman ranges from minimal to average compared to other dogs. Just a short brush once a week is usually all that is needed. Be sure to also clean the teeth and ears and trim the nails.

“Should I have a doberman pinscher?”

If you’re here, you may already have a few reasons why you’d like to bring a Doberman pinscher home. There is much to recommend the breed, but living with one is also a great responsibility. While any dog ​​needs training and exercise, an adult Doberman is big, powerful, and intelligent, and an owner who isn’t ready to give him the attention he needs can end up in a situation that is bad for both dog and human. Dobermans may not get along with children who do not approach them properly. If you are bringing a Doberman into a home with children, make sure the children follow respectful dog etiquette and that you know the dog is well-behaved with youngsters. And always supervise interactions between dogs and children.

Having said all that, a well socialized Doberman will stay with his owner. Sharon Schiele, president and founder of Delaware Valley Doberman Pinscher Assistance, which owns Dobermans and has worked in rescue organizations since the 1980s, says, «We always say they’re Velcro.» Their personalities, vocalizations, and loyalty to their people are reasons many trust the breed.