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I wouldn’t be surprised if I already knew the breed names King Shepherd and Shiloh Shepherd after scouring the web for information on Giant GSDs.

These terms are just another name for the gigantic breed of German Shepherds. To be more precise, their size falls into the giant German shepherd category.

Anatolian Shepherd

This faithful guardian comes from the Anatolian region of Turkey, where he still protects the livestock today. He is one of the more independent herding breeds, he would rather be out patrolling your property for threats by himself than hanging out with the family. He’s not too keen on strangers either, so don’t expect him to be a social butterfly at any party. In fact, having a lot of weird people around will likely stress this giant breed.

The Anatolian is not a good breed for novice dog owners, as they can and will push the limits. Early training is a must, focusing on obedience and positive reinforcement as this guy can grow to over 150lbs. Thanks to his powerful build, he makes a good hiking partner, but don’t expect him to start jogging any time soon. A stepper is more speed than him.

Bearded Collie

Weight: 35 to 60 pounds Height: 20 to 22 inches (at the shoulders) Ideal activities for the breed: herding, agility, tracking

Fur long and lovable, the Bearded Collie is one of the most popular herding breeds in the world. And while they’re adept working dogs, who excel at herding livestock, they’re primarily kept as pets in the modern world.

Related Questions

1. Is a Black German Shepherd Rare Yes, Black German Shepherds are quite rare which is why they usually cost more than the average German Shepherd. An all-black German Shepherd costs around $700-$2,000, while a standard German Shepherd puppy costs only $300-$900. This is because having a one-color coat is a recessive trait, and if they have a long, plush coat, expect the price goes up even more.2. Can a purebred German shepherd have blue eyes? It is a rare case but yes it does happen, a German shepherd can have blue eyes due to genetic variation. Although most German Shepherds have brown eyes, the chances of having blue eyes increase when another breed is thrown into the mix (say a Siberian Husky). “Blue” German Shepherds are also more likely to have the blue eye trait.

The bloodhounds

Image by Deana Zelinová from Pixabay

Other perhaps less popular large dog breeds are the bloodhounds which excel more in height and length, less in weight . The Scottish Greyhound and Irish Greyhound are ancient dog breeds used for hunting, with extra-long legs that give them great speed and agility.