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Who should get a border collie?

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The border collie is a very energetic breed.

Border collies are built for endurance. They are full of energy and this is what makes them so successful when they are out working in the field. They can start work at dawn, run around the fields all day in sync with the farmer and finish their days in the evening. They are slim, fast, highly intelligent dogs that love a lot of exercise.

This means that in order for them to be happy, healthy family pets, they need a commitment from their owners to provide plenty of regular exercise to burn off that energy.

Child Friendly

Border Collie dogs can get along well with small children if they are socialized with them early. Border Collies bond best with slightly older children who can play with them outside. Overall, the Border Collie is a popular and famous breed of dog that forms strong bonds with its human companions easily.

Generally, Border Collies are considered medium sized dogs. They have medium length fur, which is thick on the body. The double coat of these dogs ranges from smooth to rough. The outer coat of these dogs is often curly or wavy. Even though the black and white coat is most common among Border Collies, you can also find dogs in other colors.

The color pattern of these dogs is also not very rigid. Border Collie dogs come with various color patterns on their coats. You can easily find dogs with white and black tricolor, red tricolor, liver and white color combinations. You can also find Border Collies with red, blue, lilac, blue merle, red merle, brindle and Australian red. Among all these, the Australian Red is the least common. Some Border Collies also come with solid coats.

List of Border Collie Flaws

1. Some Border Collies have a natural nipping behavior that is difficult to stop. The herding nature of Border Collies makes them start nibbling on people and other animals if they feel like no one is listening to them. It’s a compulsive staring behavior that can be frustrating at times as it feels like the dog is guarding something it doesn’t want you to know. Chasing and poking are also common. When small children or other pets refuse to listen to the dog, small bites on the heels or hind paws are a common result.

2. Border collies can be very territorial. If your dog hasn’t met a visitor, your Border Collie will start snapping off the walls when the doorbell rings or they hear a knock. That means you will have barking, running behavior that can become destructive over time. It really helps to deal with this type before you surprise them with unexpected situations if you want to avoid this behavior.