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Why are my Great Pyrenees so tall?

Because they are so big, many people believe that Pyrenees are lazy. While it’s true that they enjoy relaxing on the couch with their family, these dogs love to run and play.

The Great Pyrenees are definitely energetic, but they are not tall. They require lots of exercise and movement throughout the day to stay happy and healthy.


The Great Pyrenees, or Pyrenean Mountain Dog, is an ancient guard breed that originated in the Pyrenees between France and Spain, although many believe it can be traced even further back to Siberia.

These dogs were bred to handle the dangerous task of protecting herds of sheep and other livestock on steep mountains from predators, all without human intervention.

Keep Calm

Dogs can often sense their owner’s anxiety. If you are anxious or nervous, it can aggravate your dog and make them more anxious than they already are. Being calm can also help the dog relax more quickly, because it shows them that there is nothing to worry about. Don’t yell at your dog or discipline him – instead, show him that there is nothing to fear.

And while it’s important to be with your dog if possible, it’s not beneficial to baby them, talk baby talk, or cuddle them. Instead, try to be a little disinterested as well as calm.


Great Pyrenees do not have much use for training. They turn their noses up at anything they think is a silly trick.

However, this is not due to malicious intent. They are independent, have been raised to think on their own. Good trainers will use treats to «catch» good behavior and eventually shape the Great Pyrenees into a well-trained dog. Harsh training methods will generally result in them shutting down or avoiding their owners.

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  • Common Temperament Characteristics of the Great Pyrenees
  • Temperament in the Great Pyrenees with Children
  • Socialization and Training (4) (14) (14) Socialization and training. friendly or aggressive?
  • Great Pyrenees temperament towards other dogs and animals
  • Are Great Pyrenees good pets?

The giant, majestic Pyrenees are extremely powerful and strong, often weighing more than 100 pounds. They can stand nearly 32 inches at the shoulder. They have thick coats that help them blend in with the sheep they were bred to protect. But don’t let their looks or personality fool you. Many owners even describe them as Zen-like, a far cry from their rough, intimidating exterior. But how true is this description of their personality? Are these giant dogs really as relaxed as some claim?