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Why did my German Shepherd only have 3 puppies?

Reputable breeders want more puppies if they have a queue of people who want them. Dog owners might want more bundles of puppy-wriggling joy from their canine companion. Humans have control over certain aspects of when and how a female dog is raised that can affect litter size, but there are limits.

Artificially inseminated mothers produce smaller litters than naturally fertilized ones. This is probably due to more sperm dying during collection and insemination.

How many times a year can a German shepherd have puppies?

A German Shepherd can have puppies twice a year. Large dogs like German Shepherds go into heat about every 6 months. During their heat is when they are able to get pregnant.

A normal heat cycle lasts two to four weeks. Therefore, if you breeders or individuals who are looking to breed their GSD, monitor the timing of their heat and plan on breeding them during their heat.

Beyond the fact that I find it sacrosanct that those who are afraid of them, or those who are allergic to them, or those who cannot come into contact with them for reasons of religion, can find «dog free» places, and therefore perhaps it is right that there are those who accept them and those who don’t, in order to please everyone. And instead the claim would be to be able to take them anywhere. People who say, ah if they don’t want my dog ​​too I won’t go. Well, sometimes the dog can also stay at home, if he goes to dinner with friends, that’s it. But they are choices, you can also decide to walk alone with a cane where permitted for goodness sake,

but expect them to be accepted everywhere, eh no, not that!


A healthy German Shepherd will produce many healthy puppies compared to a sick one. He always takes your GSD to a veterinary clinic to confirm that he is in a healthy state.

Large breed GSDs are more likely to have many puppies than medium breed GSDs. This is because the bigger ones have a higher carrying capacity.


The breed of dog makes a huge difference in litter size. In general, it is known that the smaller the breed, the smaller the litter size and the same is true for larger breeds, the larger the breed, the larger the litter.

For example, Spaniels and Retrievers usually have four to eight puppies at a time while, on the other hand, smaller dogs like a Terrier may only have two maybe three in a litter.