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Why dobermans?

Dear Critter Corner, I was recently surprised to learn that Doberman Pinscher dogs have naturally long, curly tails and floppy ears. All the ones I’ve seen before have a short bobtail and sharp, pointy ears. What is the use of cutting off their tails and ears?

The process of removing a dog’s tail is commonly known as «cutting», while removing a dog’s ear flaps is known as «trimming». Mating is done to young pups a few days after birth, on the grounds that they will not remember and heal quickly. They will scream in pain during the procedure. Culture is done within the first few months of a puppy’s life.

Why Dobermans Howl

Doberman puppies usually make their first attempts at howling when they are six to eight weeks old. By around eight months of age, they are likely to be experts at it, even if they don’t use it that often.

When they are so young, their howls are mostly a combination of practicing vocalization and trying to get their mother’s attention. However, as they get older, their communication skills expand and so do the reasons why they might be howling. These are some of the most common reasons why Dobermans howl.

Where Doberman Pinschers Come From

In 19th century Germany, Louis Dobermann was a tax collector who wanted a dog to protect him while he worked. The dog was created from the crossing of several breeds. The Doberman Pinscher reportedly made its first appearance at a dog show in 1876.

The breed was named after Louis Dobermann, but many dog ​​organizations dropped the second «n» in the name.

Being the owner of a Doberman, I have been the victim of people’s automatic judgments about the breed. These are some of the MYTHS that I have personally been told:

  1. Be careful, Dobermans go for the throat.

  2. Do not let him taste the blood because he will like it and become biting.

  3. Their brains never stop growing, causing them to turn on their owner.

  4. They don’t see very well in the dark and well… it makes them turn against their owner.

Lola’s brother RJ with his best friend

Doberman pinscher personality

Every dog ​​is an individual , and there is great variation among Dobermans. But many Doberman owners will tell you that there are trends and averages among the breed. Among them: Dobes are often «Velcro dogs» – they love to be around their owners and will follow them from room to room. Including, yes, the bathroom. Dobermans also tend to be courageous, alert, and protective, so you may notice them standing guard, especially in unfamiliar surroundings. Doberman owner Andrew Backman says his 7-year-old dog, Max, who «most likely is part Doberman, part pointer, part cattle breeder and who knows what else,» displays these two traits: «He doesn’t let than anyone” their home, and is devoted to Andrew’s wife: “He follows her everywhere.”

They are eager to please and sensitive, so as you would any dog, treat them with kindness and never play with them. Due to their disposition, Dobermans can become destructive if they don’t get proper training and exercise. A bored Doberman who hasn’t been given a job can find one for himself, and it probably won’t be one of your choice.For your own happiness and to avoid problems at home, enrich your lives with lots of fun and interesting things to do.