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Why does my border collie pull on the lead?

When Ned the Border Collie was a little puppy teaching him to walk on a leash it was very similar to some other puppies I’ve had before. It’s a bit of a test, they don’t like it much at first and it takes a while. But he got it. However, when Ned started to grow rapidly, we really had trouble keeping him on a leash. He was like a kite in a strong wind. He would pull incessantly. In fact, he looked like a plow mule that he would pull so hard on the leash. He resisted all the «tricks» I thought I knew about how to fix this behavior. Finally, a trainer suggested a pinch collar, which worked great, but I felt like we cheated a little. We just didn’t know how to do it right.

There is a «right» way to correct this behavior and it comes down to authority, the dogs respect you and your «pack status»…watch the video:

How to Stop Boundaries Collie pulls on lead

There are a number of reasons why your Collie pulls on the leash. Understanding what makes your dog pull on the leash is the first step to knowing why he won’t listen to you.

This will help you solve your leash problem.

Below are some reasons why a Border Collie may be pulling on the leash.

Why Dogs Pull on Leashes

Before diving into the methods to stop your dog from pulling on the leash, let’s take a look at why dogs pull in the first place. As with many other behaviors, understanding why dogs pull on the leash in the first place and how we may be inadvertently encouraging the behavior can make the behavior easier to control.

Dogs pull on the leash because it’s normal dog behavior. Is that desirable? No, but it is obvious to them. Pulling gets them where they want to go and it moves them at their own pace.

4: You are using an extendable lead

Collies thrive on consistency and there is nothing less stable than an extendable lead. Sometimes they can go 15 feet ahead of their owners, other times they are limited to just a few feet.

This is very confusing for your collie who will not be able to tell how far ahead of you they can go without choking. As a result, collies using retractable leads tend to pull more as they simply have no idea how close they are expected to walk to their owner.