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Why does my Doberman nibble on me?

Nibbling or nibbling with the front teeth is an instinctive behavior for dogs, especially puppies. The pups will learn to nibble as a group and will like to play together by nibbling gently at each other. If the pup doesn’t have siblings around, chances are you’re the next best toy to play with. This is more of an affectionate game that the cub remembers from when he was very young and was involved with his mother.

This behavior is not only instinctive, but it is also one of the most common teething behaviors. Just like with young babies, puppies will gravitate towards anything that can help ease teething pain. If your puppy is chewing on it as a result of teething, he should buy some dog chew toys that can help your puppy through the teething process.

I would like my dog ​​to stop nibbling me. How do I teach him that?

While some of you may not bother some of you, for others, dogs can be a real problem. It can be painful, gross, or even scary, especially for guests or children.

Teaching your dog not to do something can be a bit tricky if we don’t want to scare, frighten or hurt our dogs, as there is no way to suppress the behavior without being a bit unpleasant to our dogs.

Means to relieve stress and anxiety

Like humans, some dogs are more prone to anxiety and neurotic behavior than others. Due to these negative emotions, your dog may chew, gnaw, or even suck on your hands and fingers.

For example, when your dog develops separation anxiety, biting may be his coping mechanism.


Biting can be completely different. On the one hand, a dog can bite because he gets too carried away in play, but it can be an aggressive bite. However, it is easy to tell the difference.

If your dog appears stiff, has a wrinkled muzzle, is baring all its teeth, or has its back turned up (piloerection) while biting or about to bite, then it is expressing aggressive behavior because of feeling agitated or vulnerable.

What does it mean when my dog ​​bites me (or another dog)?

Love and affection are reportedly the main reasons dogs nibble their humans. Picture this: he’s snuggling with his puppy when he suddenly starts licking and nibbling on his arm. You notice that his lips are slightly raised and that he is gently chewing on you in a fast and rhythmic way. No, your dog is not being aggressive or trying to bite you. This is simply one of the many ways your pup says, «I love you!»

I have two dogs: a toy poodle named Gigi and a chihuahua named Diego. From time to time, I see Gigi licking Diego’s face. It is the sweetest scene. Sometimes she gets a little carried away with her licking session and those licks turn into full blown bites. This is her way of taking care of and grooming Diego. Because? Well, ultimately it is about love and affection.