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Why does my name say border collie?

It is possible that your dog is trying to convince you to do something, that he is protecting him, that he is looking for attention, or that you have inadvertently reinforced the behavior. It can also be their way of asserting dominance or providing a sense of security when they feel insecure.

All of the reasons why your dog is standing over you will likely come with various clues.

Why is my dog ​​standing over me?

Your dog stands over you because they want something, they are furry, it is safer around you, they want your attention, there is something wrong with you or because you let them. It can also be an invitation to play, a sign of protection, your dog is hungry, or an expression of love.

Your dog stands over you when you lie down because they want to be close to you, your warmth makes them feel safe or they trust and love you. They may also do it to closely monitor you when they sense you’re not feeling well, or it’s just their way of making you feel better.

They want to cuddle

Cuddles are mostly a trait of small dogs. These poodles are the best lap dog breeds and they require attention at all times. If you’re asking, “Why is my dog ​​standing on top of me?” it could be because your pup wants to cuddle.

All sociable dogs enjoy being around humans.

Besides lying in your arms, dog licking is another way to show affection.

Cody, the Rottweiler, loves to stand on us.

Before Rusty came, we still had a big pack and one of those dogs was a Rottweiler. Rotties, you’d think, would be natural pack leaders. Let me tell you, Cody had no desire to lead anything. He just wanted to play and run and be silly. He could have been the leader of the group, but he had no desire to.

He was our first and only Rottie but talking to other Rottie owners it seems this is pretty typical for Rottweilers. And keep in mind these were Roman army dogs. What could possibly be more Alpha than a Roman legionnaire?

They want to cuddle

Some breeds tend to be more cuddly than others, but when it comes down to it, each individual dog is different.