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Why does my Pomeranian run away?

Once you’ve determined the reasons why your dog is running away, you can work on ending the behavior. Every time your puppy leaves the house without your supervision, he puts himself at risk. They may chase a cat straight into traffic and get hit by a car, be permanently lost without food or water, or be picked up by someone with threatening intentions. It is in your dog’s best interest that you find a way to keep him at home. Try these tips to help.

Why does my dog ​​run away from me?

Sometimes it’s hard to understand why our puppies run away from us. It’s frustrating and sometimes hard not to take it personally.

But if you’re reading this, you obviously care about your dog. And you treated your dog well. He goes on walks, plays fun games of fetch, and gets delicious treats.

My puppy runs away

You should start recovery training with very small puppies. It can start the day you bring your dog home. Take a delicious dog treat and show it to your dog. Just stand back a few meters and move the treat seductively and call your dog.

When he runs after you, give him the treat and shower him with pets and praise. He must be moving with excitement!

You must play this game with your dog every day. Soon he won’t run away anymore, he’ll just come running to you when he hears his name called.

Your Pomeranian Runaway – You’ll have to educate him

Here are some tips for your Pomeranian to stay at home and not want to go elsewhere:

  • Try to get him to love his territory by playing with him regularly in your garden;
  • To prevent him from getting bored, you’ll have to leave him enough toys to spread around the garden when you go out;
  • Take your Pomeranian outside regularly so he can let off steam. The ideal would be to walk him daily, but when you work, it’s a bit complicated… so you’ll have to take him for a walk as often as possible, at least on weekends…;
  • When leaving, leave a full Kong so he doesn’t get anxious about the separation. You will have to get your Pomeranian used to your absence gradually by leaving him with your Kong for 1 hour to start, then 3 hours, then 5 hours, etc…
  • If your Pomeranian systematically runs away to join females in heat , neutering may be a solution if nothing else works.

Encourage the behavior

It could be that your dog has learned that behavior is rewarded. If you tend to give your dog extra attention when he runs off with his toys, he will probably do more to get more attention.

The cause could be that your dog is being possessive. This is where your dog doesn’t want people or animals to take things he believes belong to him. This would be more likely if your dog gets aggressive when you try to take the toys away.