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Why is my doberman so weird?

It has been a tough year for the rescue as it has been for so many people. Donations have been much less and that is what keeps the rescue saving dogs. Everything is slow right now.

An anonymous donor approached us and issued a $1,000 matching challenge. We need to get $1,000 in donations by October 15 to meet this challenge.

If you feel compelled to donate, you can do so in two ways: through Paypal on our website at or you can send a check made out to DRON to:

Doberman Rescue from Nebraska
ZIP 390684
Omaha, NE 68139-0684

Donations are tax deductible.

You all are a great blessing to us, even if you can’t give.

Thanks for thinking about us.

Look into your eyes with your nose forward and ears back

Eye contact can be somewhat dominant in Dobermans, but more often if the ears are set back a bit and they extend their neck towards their nose towards you, it is a sign of love. Think of them trying to point their noses at you while making too awkward eye contact. The more awkward this gets, the more love there is.

If your Doberman uses you for a sense of security when something scary happens, then he definitely has a close bond with you. This happens with a Dobie more often when he is younger, as his naturally fearless nature tends to take over a bit when he is an adult.

Appearance of the Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher has rightly earned its place as one of the most protective and defensive canine creatures. You can never mistake a Doberman Pinscher for his sleek, muscular body. A Pinscher possesses fine features that give it the characteristic ‘Doberman’ look.

An average Doberman has a stocky head that rests on a long, stiff neck. The muscular body gives them a strong and athletic look that is often associated with them. Rust markings on his face and the rest of his body add to his grace and poise.

Don’t let it taste the blood because it will like it and it will become biting.

Lola’s brother RJ with his best friend

Shaking, Shaking or Shaking

If your dog is shaking or shaking , then it’s probably not cold. The most likely scenarios include over-arousal, nausea, pain, or an underlying condition such as kidney disease.

Kidney disease isn’t the only disease that can make your dog tremble. He could be suffering from distemper or generalized tremor syndrome among other possibilities.