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Why Pomeranians?

Your Pomeranian can be so clingy because you aren’t indoors for long periods of time. As a result, they can experience stress and isolation. Which can lead to separation anxiety. Medical conditions, history and temperament can also make your Pomeranian clingy.

Your Pomeranian is so needy as long as you reinforce his behavior. You offer food when your dog follows you into the kitchen. Pet them when they approach you or sit next to you. They are very excited to see you. This is because you often give them rewards such as praise or treats.

They are easy to travel with

Since adult Pomeranians only weigh a few pounds, they easily fit into travel bags that comply with plane and train regulations. This means that if you want to take your pup with you on your adventures, it’s easier than ever to do so. Remember, when traveling with pets, contact airlines, train agencies and hotels in advance to ensure your companion is welcome!

Pomeranians are descended from larger dogs, so your 7-pound pom might think they’re actually a lot bigger than they are. This can lead to some racy personalities when not properly trained and socialized.

– Won’t eat

If you train using positive reinforcement (or are just feeding him) and your Pomeranian isn’t interested in the food he normally inhales, something is up. Barring any medical reasons, he is probably stressed or anxious. Change the environment for him to be more comfortable and then he will eat.

He can eat too, but eat a lot. This is also a sign of stress.

Pomeranian puppies can be the best companion a man could wish for, especially as they are so small. However, even small dogs are prone to stress, usually because of their diminutive size. Your little Pomeranian might be daunted by the vastness of the world, but with the right technique, you can help him live a happier life, check it out.


Grooming is important to keep your Pom’s coat shiny and healthy. Pomeranians shed and should be brushed every day to help keep their coats from matting. It is necessary to regularly cut nails and brush teeth. Toy breeds are prone to dental disease and brushing their teeth helps prevent this. A bath every 4 to 6 weeks will keep your Pom’s skin hydrated and healthy and keep his coat clean. A professional groomer can provide these services and also trim your dog’s coat to keep it tidy.

Behavioral Characteristics of the Pomeranian

Important character traits of the Pomeranian include that they are intelligent and playful, they require a lot of mental stimulation to keep them busy. They are fiercely independent and succumb to «small dog syndrome», a trait they share with several other small dog breeds.

They require a lot of training to help them be social and ensure good behavior. Poms love to learn, so it usually becomes easier to train them as you add new elements to the teaching regimen.