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Wondering the Great Pyrenees?

If you’ve been wondering what kind of pets Great Pyrenees make, we’re the perfect people to tell you. We love our boy, Archer, who is basically a Great Pyrenees. We know you’re wondering about the shedding, so we’ll tell you all about it, their size, their personalities, and why they make amazing pets.

Great Pyrenees are considered a large dog breed because they weigh more than 50 pounds. Female Great Pyrenees can reach 110 pounds and males can reach up to 160 pounds. That’s a lot of dogs and even more hair. These dogs will be able to stand right up and dance with you, and they look really cute! Although they are large, they are quite gentle dogs which is exactly what you are looking for in livestock keeping.

Adequate Fencing

Most rescues will require a 6 foot fence or strict leash adherence to prevent wandering in the Pyrenees. Just like any other personality, each dog will require a different enclosure, but these are general recommendations.

We have a 5 foot fence that Mauja and Atka have never tried to scale. Then there are pyrenees that can easily grow into a 6 foot fence, like this guy…

What is the best age for a Pyrenees to start training with chickens?

There is no definitive answer to this question as some Pyrenees are great with chickens right away, while others will have problems for months or years.

However, many experts agree that the minimum age for Pyrenees to trust full-time chickens is six months old. More commonly, most Pyrenees are ready when they are between one and two years old.


Laundry is a labor of love. Hard to believe but you can take a brown colored Pyr and get it as clean as one that has been wet washed.

Fill a spray bottle two-thirds full with Blue Ribbon Kote-Glo and one-third full with Roux, Ultra White Minx (human hair rinse). There are several different dry substances that can be used in various combinations:

Provide physical and mental stimulation

One of the reasons dogs bark more than they should is that they bored.

They may still be barking out of fear or excitement, but if they don’t get enough exercise during the day, the barking will increase dramatically! By giving your dog mental and physical stimulation, they will be tired and happy at the end of the day, and they won’t feel like they have to overreact to something by barking incessantly.